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Monica Mendez – Getting wet

Hey everyone and welcome once more to another great show, starring your favorite porn star, Monica Mendez. This week, as you can all see, we have for you some really spectacular videos, that we’re sure you’re all anxious to watch, so sit back and enjoy her performance for today! Once more we promise you an afternoon full of fun and awesome excitement!

When the camera starts to roll, you’ll see Monica anxious to relax and swim in this really big pool. What you will actually notice is that she’s getting in the water with her shirt on, so she starts jumping up and down in the pool, then she’ll starts jiggling her boobs underwater and getting all wet. So after that you will see how she is lifting her shirt off, revealing her delicious, huge juggs to you. She starts swimming and massaging her body and go up for her breasts, touching and caressing with passion and lust. She goes on and on like this, playing in the water, having the most beautiful time of her life, enjoying every single moment of this wonderful experience. We hope you had a lovely time here with our precious Monica and we’re looking forward to having you back next week, for more similar hot contents. Until then, you can click here and watch another beauty revealing her perfectly shaped body!

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